Katie Barcley: The main pratoganist of The Stalker Trilogy, Katie is first introduced in The Stalker, she is best friends with Jen Yates and is dating Jen's brother Adam, Katie is also a very outgoing person, Katie has a younger sister names Holly and her mother and father are Richard and Tracy Barcley, in The Stalker 2, we learn that Katie has a best friend called Emma who also used to live in Ridgecrest a few years back. Between the events of The Stalker 2 and 3, Katie has moved back to Ridgecrest and has become the head teacher of Ridgecrest High School, she has become a stronger person but is also quite depressed with a slight drinking problem, she is also having an affair with the local deputy!

Adam Yates: Adam is the second survivor of the original Ridgecrest Massacre, his sister Jen was unfortunately one of the victims who died, he was dating Katie Barcley during the events of The Stalker and was about to rekindle their relationship during the stalker 2 before he sadly died, although he died saving Katie's life.

Emma Livesy: Emma isn't introduced until The Stalker 2, but we soon learn that a few years back Emma used to live in Ridgecrest with her brother David and their parents, she was great friends with Katie and Jen before their family moved, after the events of The Stalker, Katie moves to the city and moves in with Emma and her brother David. Between the events in The Stalker 2 and 3 Emma has moved back to Ridgecrest and has become one of the teachers at Ridgecrest High School. The events of The Stalker 2 seem to have made Emma a stronger person!

Holly Barcley: Holly is Katie's younger sister, during the events of The Stalker, Holly was only 7 years old, she was staying with her grandmother as her father Richard wanted her out the way when he planned on killing her sister Katie. In The Stalker 3, Holly is now in high school and is best friends with Lori Yates and Claire Gates, she doesn't let what her father did and her sisters fame effect her life but doesn't like it when reporters are constantly in her face, she is also dating Brendan Cain, one of the popular students.

 Lori Yates: Lori is the cousin of Jen and Adam Yates, she moved to Ridgecrest only a few years back to live with her Aunt Debbie(Jen and Adam's mum) to keep her company as her own father abandoned her and her mother is an alcoholic who kicked her out, Lori, Holly and Claire are really close friends, she is also dating Tim Walker, they have a rocky relationship but Lori loves him no matter what, she hates horror movie's but is quite fearless when it comes to being in one.


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